Using ethical, science-based strategies to reduce fear

Fear & Anxiety Programs

At Wise Canine, our behavior modification programs are expertly crafted to alleviate fear and anxiety in your beloved pet. Through compassionate and science-based strategies, we prioritize addressing the root causes of your dog's fears. Specializing in working with dogs who struggle with fears of handling, grooming, veterinary procedures, people, or other animals, we tailor our programs to meet your dog's specific needs. By collaborating with owners to develop coping skills around your dog's triggers, our goal is to cultivate a sense of peace and reassurance, knowing that your dog is experiencing reduced fear, stress, and anxiety.

With our dedicated support, we strive to help your dog live a happier, more relaxed life.

You Will Learn

  • To observe and understand your dog's behavior

  • To identify your dog's stressors and triggers

  • To help your dog cope or recover from frightening situations

  • To implement humane, science-based behavior modification strategies to reduce fear and anxiety

Your Dog Will Learn

  • To cope with scary situations and triggers such as dogs, people, movement and sounds

  • To look to you for support and direction in difficult situations

  • To feel safe and build confidence around triggers



Learn using pattern games to help your dog acclimate, cope, relax and focus on you. Teams must have completed Basic Manners or Private Lessons.


Receive personalized attention with training customized to focus on you and your puppy's individual needs. Available in-home, at our facility, or in public places.



We can make training easy, by doing the work for you. We'll come to your home to train your dog. We’ll transfer the results through private lessons.

What to expect

Need help determining the best training solution for you and your dog? Contact us describing your training goals and challenges. We like details!

Considering Day Training or Private Training? Contact us to discuss these options. These are popular services and it may take a number of weeks to start working with a Wise Canine Trainer.

We train using only positive, science-based approaches using the latest modern research. This means that we will use things your dog enjoys (treats, toys, and games) to train your dog. Stressful or painful corrections are not included in our training strategies.

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