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about Jenn

Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner
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About Jenn Stellbrink

Karen Pryor Academy, Certified Training Partner (KPA CTP)

Predation Substitute Training Certified Instructor (PST-CI)

Fear Free Certified Professional

CTP Certification Number: 42541

Karen Pryor Academy Listing

Jenn's education includes a Professional Dog Trainer Certification and a Puppy Start Right Instructors Certification from the Karen Pryor Academy of Animal Training and Behavior. The Karen Pryor Academy is widely acknowledged as one of the most outstanding and rigorous training programs available to serious professional dog trainers. Founded by world-renowned trainer an author Karen Pryor, this intensive program sets its graduates apart in an industry without professional standards.


Jenn is a Predation Substitute Training Certified Instructor, and specializes in addressing challenges with dogs who have strong predatory instincts. She focuses on how to transform predatory chasing by working with the dog, instead of against them.


Jenn is also a Fear Free Certified Professional and has completed training for Better Vet Visits and Co-operative Care Husbandry at Home. 

Jenn has completed the Aggression in Dogs Master Course for Trainers and Behavior Consultants taught by world renowned aggression expert, Michael Shikashio, CDBC. This comprehensive program has equipped her with the knowledge and skills to assess risk, improve safety, and implement behavior change strategies designed to reduce aggressive behavior. 

In addition, Jenn has a Bachelor of Science with a specialization in Psychology which has provided her with valuable knowledge in learning theory and behavioral intervention. These are key principles in creating behavior change in all learners, including dogs. 

Jenn has also completed training programs focused on Therapy Dog Team Training, Canine Freestyle, and Smart Reinforcement, which focuses on the use of non-food reinforcers. 

Jenn is owned by Eva a senior Belgian Malinois, and two young Elkhound and Bear Dog crosses named Blitz and Donner.

If you’re looking for a positive science-based approach to training, get in touch with Jenn!

All Certifications, Courses, Seminars & Workshops


Predation Substitute Training for Instructors Course

A10-week course focused how to teach clients to manage their dog’s predatory behaviour with fun, force-free methods and amazing results. Instructors learn how to skillfully address challenges faced by owners of dogs with strong predatory instincts. Instructors learn how to help clients enjoy relaxed walks and a deeper connection with their dogs.



Clicker Expo 2023

3 Day Online Conference for professionals to improve their skills, keep up with the latest techniques, and learn from world leaders in positive reinforcement.

Canine First Aid 

A full day course with classroom and hands on scenarios covering how to properly take vital signs, choking, toxic/poisoning, stabilization for transport, bandaging & wound care, and much more.

Co-operative Care: Husbandry at Home

Learn how to make husbandry and veterinary care safe, low-stress, and significantly easier for animals and their caregivers. Learn and practice proven training strategies and techniques to transform the care experience and deepen the relationship between caregivers and their animals.

The Aggression in Dogs Conference

3 Day Online Conference for professionals to learn from the world's foremost experts focused on sharing the most up-to-date techniques, developments, and research related to dog aggression.

Smart Reinforcement

How to use non-food reinforcers effectively. Non-food reinforcers can become as powerful as, or more powerful than, food alone, but only when integrated systematically. 

Canine Freestyle

Karen Pryor Academy

Canine Freestyle combines obedience, tricks, and dance. The course focuses on training fundamental behaviors such as duration attention, left- and right-side heel positions, and key maneuvers like leg weaving, bowing, spinning, backing around, and jumping. Participants learn the skills of selecting and integrating music that complements both handler and dog, how to select and integrate music, and how to put it all together for a performance setting.

Therapy Dog Team Training

Karen Pryor Academy

Learned essential skills for successful therapy dog work including reading canine body language, teaching dogs to be comfortable and confident performing required skills and behaviors in hospitals, nursing homes, libraries, school classrooms, and other environments where therapy work often takes place.

Call Off the Chase, Predation Substitute Training Master Course

Participants are educated in the concept of predation, how to structure walks for success, how to introduce predation substitute games that satisfy dogs' predatory needs. The course also covers safe and ethical methods to interrupt predatory behavior, and fostering a stronger bond between owners and their dogs through positive training techniques. 


Fear Free Certified Professional Animal Trainer

A rigorous certification program that allows trainers to work in partnership with veterinary teams to prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety, and stress and improve an animal’s emotional wellbeing during veterinary care and home care. 

Better Vet Visits - Karen Pryor Academy

A comprehensive program about the practical application of training protocols to reduce fear and stress for pets during vet visits, handling and husbandry.

The Aggression in Dogs Conference

3 Day Online Conference for professionals to learn from the world's foremost experts focused on sharing the most up-to-date techniques, developments, and research related to dog aggression

Puppy Start Right for Instructors (Certification)

Ken Martin DVM, DACVB and Debbie Martin RVT, VTS (Behavior), KPA CTP 

Karen Pryor Academy 

A comprehensive course developed by a Veterinary Behaviorist and Certified Trainer covering puppy socialization curriculum, growth and development, problem-solving, preventing or solving common puppy behavior problems, interrupting play appropriately, and safe class and teaching set-up.

Dog Trainer Professional Certification Program (Certification)
Instructor & Evaluator: Terry Ryan, Karen Pryor Academy 

CTP Certification Number: 42541
Provides the knowledge and skills needed to attain to the highest standards of positive reinforcement training, and effectively teach these skills to others. Based on the most up-to-date behavior science, from foundation knowledge to advanced concepts in animal training, and behavior management solutions.

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