Put your dog's incredible nose to work using fun, positive training methods






Lacks Confidence

Needs a Job

Is this your dog?

Provide healthy mental exercise

Build confidence

Increase focus

Increase calm behavior

Burn excess energy

Give Your dog a job

You Will Learn

  • How to use food rewards to teach your dog that certain odors pay

  • How to set up searches to build your dogs searching skills

  • Handling skills to support your dog

  • How to use scent games to provide enrichment for your dog and burn mental energy

your dog will learn

  • How to search for and identify a specific essential oil scent

  • How to navigate new environments in search of odor

  • How to communicate that they've found odor

  • How to remain at odor until you arrive



Join a small group class with a maximum of 4 dog. Receive the space and attention you need to give your dog a productive outlet. Enjoy a supportive environment using modern, positive training.

Upcoming Classes

  • Level 2 Nosework *FULL
  • Daytime Nosework Practice
  • Daytime Nosework Practice
  • Level 2 Nosework
  • Level 3 Nosework
  • Daytime Nosework Practice
  • Intro Nosework
  • Nosework: Elevated Hides

What to expect

Interested in Classes? You can register and pay online. Because we only take 4 dogs per class, they fill up quickly. Contact me to be put on a waitlist. I'll email you as soon as new classes are available.  

I train using only positive, science-based approaches using the latest modern research. This means that we will use things your dog enjoys (treats, toys, and games) to train your dog. Stressful or painful corrections are not included in my training strategies. 

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