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Puppy Start Right online course

A socialization and early learning course for puppies under 16 weeks of age.


online LEARNING Details


  • 5 weeks of online video exercises and lessons.

  • Free email support.

  • Access to a Facebook Group to connect with other local puppy owners, share progress, and set up play dates. 

  • A free clicker delivered to your home within Whitehorse city limits. 

  • Socialization strategies designed to prevent behavior problems including fear, food guarding, jumping up and more.

  • Problem solving tips for life with a new puppy including potty training, crate training, and addressing biting.

  • Early foundation training exercises using clicker methods including: drop-it, focus, targeting, recalls, leave-it, sit for greetings, and leash walking

Accessing the Course

  1. Purchase the course using the yellow 'Purchase' button

  2. Select the blue 'Access Course' button

  3. Create an account

  4. You will receive an email confirming that you have access

  5. Once your account is set-up and I have approved your access, you can access the course materials by selecting the blue 'Access Course' button


You Will Learn

  • About proactive, positive socialization

  • About preventing behavior problems before they occur

  • About positive reinforcement training

  • About marker and clicker mechanics

  • How to address common puppy problems


Your Puppy will Learn

  • To create a bond with you built on fun and reinforcement

  • To feel confident and enjoy handling and grooming

  • To feel confident and enjoy meeting new people and dogs

  • To enjoy performing basic training exercises

  • To potty outside

  • Self control around food, toys and in exciting situations

  • To focus on you

  • To respond to cues

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