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Using ethical, science-based behavior modification strategies 

* Barking and lunging

* Growling and snapping

* Around dogs, people or other triggers

* Walks are stressful and embarrassing

Is this your dog?

* Walks nicely past dogs, people and other triggers

* Looks to you for direction 

* Engages with you in stressful situations

* Reduced stress on walks

want this dog? 

You Will Learn

  • To observe and understand your dog's behavior

  • To identify your dog's stressors and triggers

  • To manage your dog in difficult situations

  • To implement humane, science-based behavior modification strategies to reduce fear and aggression

your dog will learn

  • To focus on you when triggers appear

  • To offer desirable alternative behaviors (instead of barking or lunging)

  • To build confidence around triggers 

  • To look to you for direction in difficult situations 




  • We’ll meet once per week for 3, 4 or 6 weeks

  • You’ll learn strategies to work with your dog using modern, science-based methods

  • You’ll receive weekly homework customized to you and your dog’s needs



  • We can remove the stress by doing most of the work for you

  • We'll come to your home twice weekly to train your dog using humane, science-based behavior modification strategies

  • We’ll have a weekly private lesson to transfer the training results



Join a small group class with a maximum of 6 dog. Receive the space and attention you need to create a well-mannered dog. Enjoy a supportive environment using modern, positive training.


Classes fill quickly. We highly recommend registering early. 


What to expect

Need help determining the best training solution for you and your dog? Contact us describing your training goals and challenges. We like details! 

Considering Day Training or Private Training? Contact us to discuss options. These are popular services and it may take a number of weeks to start working with a Wise Canine Trainer. 

We train using only positive, science-based approaches using the latest modern research. This means that we will use things your dog enjoys (treats, toys, and games) to train your dog. Stressful or painful corrections are not included in our training strategies. 

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