Receive customized one-on-one coaching designed to help you and your dog succeed.

Coaching is available in the Wise Canine Training facility or outdoors with physical distancing.


private coaching Programs

  • Great for busy individuals who can't commit to weekly classes.

  • Provides personalized attention for shy, fearful, reactive, or distracted dogs.

  • Reduces stress for dogs who may struggle in a traditional group class environment.

  • Training is customized to focus on you and your dog's individual needs

  • Receive free follow-up email support in between lessons and for the life of your dog. 

  • Available in-person with physical distancing.

  • Available using Zoom video conferencing.

What to expect

  • We will discuss your dog's history, behavior, and your training goals.

  • You will receive homework emails designed to help you meet your goals.

  • We will use positive reinforcement to create behavior change without causing additional pain or stress for your dog.


In Person with Physical Distancing:

1 Hour Private Lesson: $85

3 Lesson Program: $240

4 Lesson Program: $320

6 Lesson Program: $480

Video Conferencing:

1 Hour Private Lesson: $60

3 Lesson Program: $165

4 Lesson Program: $220

6 Lesson Program: $330

Happy Students 

Jocelyn and Kelsey

My collie Kelsey has some "fear" issues with respect to doorways and floors in particular. Michelle has helped me deal with his issues in a patient and understanding way and Kelsey has responded very well. He is becoming a more confident dog in different locations. Aside from private lessons with Kelsey I've had success at Michelle's regular obedience and scent classes as well. She is very good at analyzing a dog's behaviour and finding solutions to problems in a positive way that leaves both the dog and owner feeling good about their achievements! Having been to many dog trainers over the years I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone whose dog has behavioural issues. I also like the fact that Michelle is a fully certified dog trainer and maintains her credentials on an annual basis.

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