Modern & Humane Training

For a well-behaved dog

Certified, Effective, Reward-Based Training

Michelle Wieser, KPA CTP offers small classes designed to help you and your dog succeed using personalized attention and modern, positive reinforcement training.


Small group classes for puppies, manners, nosework and reactive behavior. 


Class numbers are limited, ensuring that you receive the attention you need to succeed.


About the Trainer

Wise Canine Training is owned and operated by Certified Trainer, Michelle Wieser. I've taught and assisted in dog training programs in Whitehorse for over 15 years through local dog training clubs.


My education includes a Professional Dog Trainer Certification from the Karen Pryor Academy of Animal Training and Behaviour. In addition, I have completed coursework focused on early puppy socialization and behavior problem prevention, managing fearful and reactive behavior, addressing self control issues, increasing focus for highly distracted dogs, and scent detection (for fun). Each year I participate in continuing education programs to ensure the training you receive is based on modern research.  

All of this means that I have technical knowledge and hands-on skills in positive, science and behavior-based training methods. 

If you’re looking for a positive, science-based approach to training, get in touch!



Wise Canine Training has a new indoor location at 170 Titanium Way.


It's a small space, for small classes, just the way we like it! Class sizes will be limited ensuring that you have the space and attention you need to succeed. 


~ Michelle Wieser, KPA CTP

Are you ready for a positive change?

Positive, force-free training methods are effective and fun for you and your dog. I'm here to help.


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