for a well-behaved dog

Wise Canine Training is dedicated to providing effective and reliable results using positive, science and behavior-based training methods in Whitehorse, Yukon.

Certified, Effective Positive Training



Create a well behaved dog with this fun starter course full of helpful training exercises presented through video.  ​​All you need are treats, a clicker and 20 minutes a day to dedicate to training!

Need a clicker? I'll drop one off, free of charge. 

Dog eating from snuffle mat in Feist Fido Class


Customized training for busy dog owners. Basic Manners, Recalls, Loose Leash Walking, Fear, Aggression, Reactivity, and Excitability. 


Semi-Private Coaching Classes are limited to 2 dogs. 


Phone Consultations & Online Training

I can make dog training easy, with one-on-one training through phone or online video chat. 

Train in the safety of your home, with exercises customized to help you meet your trainig goals. 

Puppy Graduating Preschool Class


Puppy Socialization, Basic Manners, Recall Training, Loose Leash Walking, and Nosework. 

Class are limited to 4 dogs, ensuring that you receive the attention you need to succeed.


About Wise Canine

Wise Canine Training is owned and operated by Certified Trainer, Michelle Wieser. I've taught and assisted in dog training programs in Whitehorse for over 15 years through local dog training clubs.


My education includes a Professional Dog Trainer Certification and Puppy Start Right Instructors Certification from the Karen Pryor Academy of Animal Training and Behaviour. In addition, I have completed coursework focused on early puppy socialization and behavior problem prevention, managing fearful and reactive behavior, addressing self control issues, increasing focus for highly distracted dogs, and scent detection (for fun). Each year I participate in continuing education programs to ensure the training you receive is based on modern research.  

All of this means that I have technical knowledge and hands-on skills in positive, science and behavior-based training methods. 


If you’re looking for a positive, science-based approach to training, get in touch!

Why Our Classes Are Great

Small Sizes

Most classes are limited to 4 dogs, ensuring that everyone has the space and attention they need to succeed.


You will receive detailed homework emails with tutorial videos to help you train at home. 

Positive Training

Enjoy a welcoming, supportive environment using modern, positive training techniques for your dog and you. 

Are you ready for a positive change?

Positive, force-free training methods are effective and fun for you and your dog. I'm here to help.

Happy Customers 

Jocelyn and Kelsey

My collie Kelsey has some "fear" issues with respect to doorways and floors in particular. Michelle has helped me deal with his issues in a patient and understanding way and Kelsey has responded very well. He is becoming a more confident dog in different locations. Aside from private lessons with Kelsey I've had success at Michelle's regular obedience and scent classes as well. She is very good at analyzing a dog's behaviour and finding solutions to problems in a positive way that leaves both the dog and owner feeling good about their achievements! Having been to many dog trainers over the years I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone whose dog has behavioural issues. I also like the fact that Michelle is a fully certified dog trainer and maintains her credentials on an annual basis.

Need more details? Get in Touch.


I'm here to help. Contact me by email or social media.

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