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Recommended Equipment

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Set your dog up to succeed with humane and enriching equipment. My previous dog, Gypsy, suffered from neck pain due to collars designed to tightening and punish pulling. Recent studies have confirmed that collars are causing neck injuries. A well-fitting harness is the safest option, and those with front-attach options help reduce pulling. Here's a list of my favorite equipment, and where to find it.

1. Canada Pooch Harness

This budget-friendly harness is a great all-around harness. It has a back clip and no-pull front clip. It's water-resistant and features a seatbelt loop and assistance handle.

2. 2-Hounds Freedom No-Pull Harness

Dog wearing purple harness with attachment on the front
2-Hounds Freedom Harness

This harness is a favorite for bully-breeds and heavy duty pullers. It has a chest and back connection, and comes with a double-ended leash for more control. If not fitted properly, this harness may restrict shoulder movement. 2-Hounds also sells a double-ended leash to connect to the back and chest for ultimate control.

3. Petco Front Walking Harness

This budget-friendly harness features a front attachment, rear attachment, and emergency handle. It does not restrict shoulder movement, which is important for your dog's gait and shoulder health.

4. Perfect Fit Harness

This harness is pricey, but worth-it if you have an odd shaped dog or want an extra comfortable well fitting harness. It's a 3 piece system that fits any shape and size of dog, cats, pigs, and tripod dogs. It is very easy to take on and off, no need to fuss with the dog’s feet or head. It features a front and back clip, fleece padding and a variety of pretty colors.

5. Belted Treat Pouch

Not all treat pouches are created equal. Look for a pouch that features an adjustable belt, easy access for treats, and extra pockets to hold your clicker, poop bags and keys.

6. Biothane Long Lines

Biothane Long Line
Biothane Long Line

Many dogs benefit from a bit of extra freedom. A 13 foot line is perfect for Nosework, a 15 foot line provides more room for sniffies during neighborhood walks, and a 30 foot line is perfect for trail hikes and recall training.

7. Nosework Equipment

If you're hooked on Nosework and want to get all the gear. You'll need odor kits, nosework essential oils, and small storage containers.

8. Snuffle Mat

Snuffle Mat
Snuffle Mat

Snuffling can sooth and calm distracted,

hyper, or reactive dogs. Snuffle mats are a great puzzle toy for enrichment. Use it to keep your dog calm and busy when guests are visiting, or bring it with you to vet appointments and training classes!

*Sometimes Wise Canine has Snuffle Mats available for purchase

9. Tricky Treat Ball

This budget friendly food dispensing ball is a great way to keep busy dogs... well, busy! Ditch the food bowl, and let your dog work for meals. This is a great way to keep puppies and young dogs out of your hair. It's a favorite in our house because it's quiet.


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