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basic manners online course

A beginner course to learn the basics from home, at your own pace.

Basic Manners Class Video

online LEARNING Details


  • 6 weeks of online video exercises and lessons

  • Free email support

  • A free clicker delivered to your home within Whitehorse city limits. Request a clicker

  • Basic foundation behaviors include: Focus, Targeting, Recalls, Leave It, Polite Walking, Settle.

Accessing the Course

  1. Purchase the course using the yellow 'Purchase' button

  2. Select the blue 'Access Course' button

  3. Create an account

  4. You will receive an email confirming that you have access

  5. Once your account is set-up and I have approved your access, you can access the course materials by selecting the blue 'Access Course' button


You Will Learn

  • About positive reinforcement training

  • About marker and clicker mechanics

  • How to observe and understand your dog

  • How to train foundation behaviors and build on them to create a better-behaved dog


Your Dog will Learn

  • To create a bond with you built on fun and reinforcement.

  • Create a bond with you built on fun and reinforcement

  • Build confidence

  • Learn to focus on you

  • Learn to respond to cues

  • Learn self-control​

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