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Wise Canine is proud to recommend Kieran Halliday of Halliminga Dog Services


Halliminga iNC. dOG sERVICES

Wise Canine Training & Behavior is proud to recommend Kieran Halliday of Halliminga Inc. Dog Services. 


As an educated dog handler, Kieran is committed to helping Yukoners train, exercise and care for their dogs using science-based and effective positive reinforcement techniques.


  • Dog Walking: Kieran walks, socializes and builds a relationship your dog. With training and experience, Kieran is prepared to give the specialized and supportive handling your dog needs.

  • In-Home Enrichment: Kieran comes to your home to engage and mentally stimulate your dog while you're at work, in a familiar environment.

  • Puppy Socialization Outings: Kieran can take your puppy to new places, to help give your puppy much needed exposure during a critical development period (plus potty breaks!).

  • Group Walks: Practice walking your dog in an environment that understands reactivity. Every dog gets the space it needs for a successful walk.

About Kieran Halliday 

Kieran is an educated dog handler, with a Dog Training Foundations certificate from the Karen Pryor Academy of Animal Training & Behaviour. He focuses on using Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive practices in all his training and socialization work.

Kieran lives with Benji, a Husky-Rottweiler cross who has struggled with fear and reactivity related behaviours. Benji's journey through the Wise Canine training program is a testament to the effectiveness of science-based positive reinforcement training. These force-free behaviour modification methods have helped Benji reduce stress, gain confidence, and build a deep and trusting bond with Kieran.

Kieran understands that not every dog is ready to thrive in a group environment so he offers specialized walks tailored to your dog's unique needs. He also offers in-home enrichment and puppy socialization.

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