Stories from happy Wise Canine clients.

Happy Tails

"My labradoodle, Clara, and I have thrived during both our preschool and kindergarten classes with Wise Canine. Thanks to the lessons, implementation and structure within the classes, I have an exceptionally well mannered, calm and situationally adapted dog.


Clara is comfortable in a variety of new situations and is calm when meeting other dogs and random people.

Thank you Michelle for your dedication, love and wisdom. Looking forward to our upcoming third set of lessons."

Mariah and Clara

"I have taken numerous private lessons and group classes with Michelle. She is very knowledgeable about dogs, their behaviour and body language and uses evidence based and modern training. Classes are fun and confidence building even when dealing with difficult behaviours. Her approach is highly individualized and her small class sizes allow for lots of attention for each dog."

Jenn and Eva

"Fun, small classes with lots of individual attention! Michelle obviously has a passion for what she does!"

Leslie and Dotti


"The best part about working with Michelle was her positive manner and the confidence she so easily instills in both you and your dog. Michelle has the ability to teach the skills to you along with the confidence to go forth, succeed and blunder! Yes, blunder I did, but thankfully, Michelle would provide me with the logic behind the skill and the techniques to adapt to Bryn and the various situations I would find myself in."

Sandy and Bryn

"Ketza and I just completed Level 2 Nosework. This is the second course I have taken with Wise Canine Dog Training. I was really happy with both courses, and have signed up to take the next two courses with Michelle. Michelle is very calm, positive, and friendly. Prior to the course, she sends a detailed questionnaire about your training experience and about your dog. She uses this information to set up an environment where each dog will have the greatest chance of success. She is welcoming and understanding of reactive dogs and provides environments where the dogs (and owners!) can feel safe and relaxed. The two nosework courses I have taken have been limited to 4 dogs per class, which provides lots of opportunity for each dog to practice. Her training is very clear, organized and well-planned. She increases the complexity/challenge gradually so that the dogs are always meeting with success. Michelle sends out email reminders a day or two before each class, and she sends out "homework" emails with a review of that class' lesson and activities to reinforce the new skills at home. She often includes video links. Ketza has learned very quickly. He and I both really look forward to class each week!"

Shari and Ketza

"Michelle came highly recommended by our vet technician as someone who had experience dealing with anxious and reactive dogs. Our rescue had a rough start to life and came to us at around two years old and is very anxious. Michelle helped me work with him to build up his confidence around triggers and gave us training exercises that progressed at a rate that he could be successful with his training."

Liz and Scooby

"My small breed puppy was so timid and afraid before this class. Now she has way more confidence. Given her size accommodations were also made to set her up for success which I really appreciated. Highly recomend!

Jennifer and Ellie

"She made me feel that I could train my dog, and not put too much pressure on ourselves."

Bonnie and Evie

"Michelle's positive, force-free methods made training with Charlie a joy. I enjoyed the environment of the classroom (four dogs max = chaos-free!), and love her attitude as well. We are going back or more!!"

Tracy and Charlie

"It is always nice to work with Michelle. She is a great trainer with a soft and gentle hand. Coal had a lot of success in her class and he missed 2 out of 5. Michelle's class was interesting, fun and challenged both me and Coal."

Kelly and Coal

"Incredibly helpful and knowledgeable! The classes are perfectly paced, have homework for you and your dog to continue learning and provides on going support after the classes!!"

Tasha and Wyatt


"We  are extremely happy to have met Michelle! She is a passionate dog lover, but also a great force-free, science based and knowledgeable trainer. With our puppy Sherpa, we took private lessons to have a good start with him and we are currently doing nosework classes. We are already registered for more classes with Michelle after that! Every thing she teaches is through positive reinforcement  and our dog is always set up for success. Michelle is always there to answer our questions and gives us useful feedback after our sessions with her."

Benjamin, Jean and Sherpa

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