Develop enthusiastic recalls, working at a level that's appropriate for your dog. 

*This class will practice physical distancing

Class Details

170 Titanium Way 

  • 3, 1 hour weekly group lessons.

  • Maximum 5 dogs 

  • You will learn to develop enthusiastic recalls using the "Five Rules of Recall"

  • We will use food, play and praise rewards to reinforce desirable behavior.

  • This is a physical distancing class

    • Classes are held outdoors

    • Students are positioned at least 6 feet apart

    • Students are asked to stay home if they're unwell

You Will Learn

  • The "Five Rules of Recall" to build a solid recall.

  • What to do when your dog isn't likely to come to you.

  • To be aware of your surroundings and respond proactively. 

  • To be able to set reasonable expectations for your dogs recall in distracting situations. 

  • To progress your skills and determine when your dog is ready to be off-leash. 

Your Dog will Learn

  • To enthusiastically come to you when called. 

  • To respond to your recall cue when faced with difficult distractions. 

  • To stay with you after recalling.

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