A well-run socialization program may be the single most important thing for a puppy's behavioral development.

Class curriculum was designed by a Veterinary Behaviorist to prevent behavior problems from developing.

Puppy Preschool Class Video

Class Details

Aug 27 - Sept 24

Thursdays at 6:15 pm 

170 Titanium Road


Learn more about the importance of early socialization

  • Class curriculum designed by a Veterinary Behaviorist to prevent behavior problems from developing.

  • 5, 1 hour lessons

  • Maximum 5 puppies

  • Puppies must be vaccinated for Parvo and Distemper, and examined by a vet prior to registration

  • A clicker, handouts, and homework will be provided

  • Receive free email support in between lessons and for the life of your dog. 

  • This is a physical distancing class

    • Students must remain 6 feet apart

    • Students are asked to stay home if they're unwell

    • Masks are welcome

You Will Learn

  • About puppy behavior, development, and communication. 

  • How to apply positive techniques when addressing common puppy training issues. 

  • How to expose your puppy to unfamiliar people, dogs, and environmental stimuli in a controlled and safe manner.

  • How to make handling and restraint fun for your puppy from the start.

  • How to prevent aggression disorders, separation anxiety, hyper-excitability, and food/toy guarding.

  • How to prevent soiling or inappropriate elimination.

  • How to prevent or address destructive and unruly behavior.

Your Puppy Will Learn

  • To create a bond with you built on fun and reinforcement.

  • To build confidence around unfamiliar people, noises and situations. 

  • To enjoy physical handling for grooming and vet examinations.

  • To enjoy sharing food and toy resources with people.

  • To love their crate/confinement area. 

  • To potty outdoors.

  • How to play appropriately with people and other dogs.

  • Basic foundation behaviors including sit, walking on a leash, leave-it, drop-it, recall.

Why Our Classes Are Great

Small Sizes

Puppy classes are limited to 5 dogs, ensuring that everyone has the space and attention they need to succeed.


You will receive detailed homework emails with tutorial videos to help you train at home. 

Positive Training

Enjoy a welcoming, supportive environment using modern, positive training techniques for your dog and you. 

Happy Puppy Students 

Davida and Selleck

Michelle, with Wise Canine Training was excellent!! We first accessed her services when we were thinking of bringing a new puppy into our home, with a bit of a reactive older dog already a part of our family. Michele was so kind and helpful, informative and available to assist as we prepared and was ready to assist as we went through the introduction process. Her support and encouragement really helped in making a smooth transition.


We have since followed up with two dog classes with her and the new pup (a Great Dane), puppy socialization and basic manners. Both have been EXCELLENT experiences, we have witnessed our pup flourish and get so excited every night he realized was a training night. His success was great, and with Michelle’s work and caring instruction style I witnessed our, and all the other dogs truly succeed. To see a 120lb 8month old pup be able to successfully engage with a 4-5 lb 8 month old pup with no mishaps is so exciting as just one small example!! Thanks Michelle and Wise Canine Training! We will be back!!

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