Social isolation means extra time for dog training! 

Phone consultations and online training options are available.

phone consultations & online training

I can make dog training easy, with one-on-one training through phone or online video chat. 

I will gather detailed information and provide customized advice to help you meet your training goals. At the end of each session, you'll receive detailed homework to help you achieve reliable training results. 

Why phone or online consultations? 

  • Chat with a certified trainer from the comfort of your own home. 

  • I will provide effective training advice, customized for you and your dog. 

  • Training provides valuable mental exercise. You'll experienced a more relaxed dog while you're home.

  • I use only fun, positive, science-based training methods.​ 

What to expect

Phone and online training is perfect for puppies, manners training for older dogs, and addressing reactive or problematic behavior. 

Step 1. Contact me to set up a time to call or meet through video chat.

Step 2. If video chat is chosen, have your dog and treats ready for our session.

Step 3. Receive detailed homework to continue working between lessons. 

Step 4. Enjoy a well-behaved dog. 


30 Minute Phone Consultation: $30

1 Hour Phone Consultation: $60

3 Lesson Online Program: $180

4 Lesson Online Program: $240

Program length will vary depending on your training goals.

Happy Students 

Jocelyn and Kelsey

My collie Kelsey has some "fear" issues with respect to doorways and floors in particular. Michelle has helped me deal with his issues in a patient and understanding way and Kelsey has responded very well. He is becoming a more confident dog in different locations. Aside from private lessons with Kelsey I've had success at Michelle's regular obedience and scent classes as well. She is very good at analyzing a dog's behaviour and finding solutions to problems in a positive way that leaves both the dog and owner feeling good about their achievements! Having been to many dog trainers over the years I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone whose dog has behavioural issues. I also like the fact that Michelle is a fully certified dog trainer and maintains her credentials on an annual basis.

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