The sniffing challenges continue with multiple odours and new challenges.

For teams who have completed Introduction to Nosework.

Class Details

*FULL Nosework Exterior & Vehicles

Sept 7 - Oct 5

Mondays at 7:30 PM

170 Titanium Road

  • You may be asked to bring objects to class.

  • Dogs must have completed Level 2 Nosework or equivalent.

  • Dogs must be comfortable in class setting around other dogs and people.

  • This is a social distancing class

    • Classes are held outdoors

    • Students must stand 6 feet apart

    • Students are asked to stay home if they're unwell

You Will Learn

  • ​Handling skills to support your dog

  • How to add challenging hides to your searches

  • Observation skills to determine when your dog has found odor.

  • How to use scent games to provide enrichment for your dog and burn mental energy.

Your Dog will Learn

  • How to search for odors in challenging locations.

  • How to search for odor on vehicles and outdoor settings

  • How to communicate that they've found odor in new and challenging searches 

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