Have you completed our Basic Manners Class? Ready to take it to the next level?

Expand on your foundation skills with distractions and games to help build your dog's confidence in new situations. 

Class Details

To Be Scheduled Winter 2020

170 Titanium Road


  • 6 , 1 hour weekly group lessons.

  • Maximum 4 dogs 

  • For dogs who have completed Basic Manners and are ready for more.

  • We will add challenges to behaviors including: Leave It, Focus, Polite Walking, Recall and Settle

  • We will use food rewards to reinforce desirable behavior.

You Will Learn

  • How to use foundation behaviors to build advanced skills

  • How to add challenges to your training

  • How to adjust your training to support your dog and achieve success

Your Dog will Learn

  • To focus on you and respond to cues with distractions nearby

  • To build confidence in new situations and environments

  • To look to you for guidance in new situations

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