Basic Manners Class is for older puppies, teens and adult dogs who need to learn the basics.

Learn foundation skills and behaviors that you and your dog need to achieve a life time of successful learning.

Class Details

3 Offerings:

*Feb 3 - Mar 9 Mondays 6:30 pm  *For Teen Puppies 

Feb 18 - Mar 24 Tuesdays 7:30 pm

Mar 17 - Apr 21 Tuesdays 6:30 pm

170 Titanium Road
$240 +gst

  • 6 , 1 hour weekly group lessons.

  • Maximum 4 dogs 

  • Basic foundation behaviors include: Focus, Targeting, Recalls, Leave It, Polite Walking, Settle.

  • We will use food rewards to reinforce desirable behavior.

You Will Learn

  • About positive reinforcement training

  • About marker and clicker mechanics

  • How to observe and understand your dog

  • How to train foundation behaviors and build on them to create a better-behaved dog

Your Dog will Learn

  • To create a bond with you built on fun and reinforcement.

  • Create a bond with you built on fun and reinforcement

  • Build confidence

  • Learn to focus on you

  • Learn to respond to cues

  • Learn self-control​

Why Our Classes Are Great 

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Happy Basic Manners Students 


"The best part about working with Michelle was her positive manner and the confidence she so easily instills in both you and your dog. Michelle has the ability to teach the skills to you along with the confidence to go forth, succeed and blunder! Yes, blunder I did, but thankfully, Michelle would provide me with the logic behind the skill and the techniques to adapt to Bryn and the various situations I would find myself in."

Sandy and Bryn

"Michelle's positive, force-free methods made training with Charlie a joy. I enjoyed the environment of the classroom (four dogs max = chaos-free!), and love her attitude as well. We are going back or more!!"

Tracy and Charlie

"Incredibly helpful and knowledgeable! The classes are perfectly paced, have homework for you and your dog to continue learning and provides on going support after the classes!!"

Tasha and Wyatt

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