Learn how to use positive, humane training methods to reduce stress and prevent fearful or 'reactive' behavior.

This class is for dogs who struggle with fearful or aggressive behavior (barking, pulling and lunging) towards other dogs. 

Class Details

Date TBD in 2020

170 Titanium Road


  • 6 x 1 hour weekly group lessons.

  • Maximum 3 dogs 

  • A detailed history is required prior to enrollment. An in-person consultation may be required. 

  • Additional equipment may be recommended such as: front-attach harness, double-ended leash, head halter.

  • We will use food rewards to reinforce desirable behavior.

  • We will not use choke chains, prong collars, electric/shock collars, scolding, intimidation or physical corrections.

You Will Learn

  • To observe and understand your dog's behavior

  • To identify your dog's stressors and triggers

  • To manage your dog in difficult situations

  • To implement humane, science-based behavior modification strategies to reduce fear and aggression

Your Dog will Learn

  • To build confidence around other dogs

  • To offer desirable alternative behaviors (instead of barking or lunging)

  • To focus on you in difficult situations​

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