Basic Manners Class is for older puppies, teens and adult dogs who need to learn the basics.

Learn foundation skills and behaviors that you and your dog need to achieve a life time of successful learning.

Class Details

*FULL Sept 22 - Oct 20

Tuesdays at 6:15 pm

170 Titanium Way


  • 6 , 1 hour weekly group lessons.

  • Maximum 4 dogs 

  • Basic foundation behaviors include: Focus, Targeting, Recalls, Leave It, Polite Walking, Settle.

  • We will use food rewards to reinforce desirable behavior.

COVID-19 Rules

To create a safe environment and protect the health of all participants, the following rules apply starting Oct 1:​

  • Masks must be work during indoor training. If you do not have a mask, one will be provided.

  • Hand sanitizer must be used upon entering.

  • Remain 6 feet from others as much as possible

  • Stay home if you are ill, or required to quarantine

You Will Learn

  • About positive reinforcement training

  • About marker and clicker mechanics

  • How to observe and understand your dog

  • How to train foundation behaviors and build on them to create a better-behaved dog

Your Dog will Learn

  • To create a bond with you built on fun and reinforcement.

  • Create a bond with you built on fun and reinforcement

  • Build confidence

  • Learn to focus on you

  • Learn to respond to cues

  • Learn self-control​

Happy Basic Manners Students 

Amy and Sophie

We have taken Basic Manners, Level 2 Manners, and Intro to Nosework classes with Wise Canine. Our dog Sophie is a 2 year old rescue who had no obedience training and was reactive in some new situations. Since attending Michelle’s classes, Sophie is generally calmer and more confident. Most importantly, Michelle has taught us how to use positive reinforcement to teach our dog the behaviour we want to see. Her reactivity started while walking her on leash, but we learned how to use positive reinforcement in other situations, too. Lastly, all classes were so fun for us all. I looked forward to weekly training classes and Sophie was always excited when we arrived at the training space. Michelle is organized, attentive to each dog’s needs, and fun! A class didn’t go by where we didn’t laugh. We love Michelle and her evidence-based training methods. We only wish there was a Level 3 Manners!

Why Our Classes Are Great

Small Sizes

Classes are limited to 5 dogs, ensuring that everyone has the space and attention they need to succeed.


You will receive detailed homework emails with tutorial videos to help you train at home. 

Positive Training

Enjoy a welcoming, supportive environment using modern, positive training techniques for your dog and you. 

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