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About Sue Richards

Karen Pryor Academy, Certified Training Partner (KPA CTP)

Absolute Dogs, Certified Pro Dog Trainer (AD-PDT)

Sue has been involved in dog training activities in Whitehorse for 27 years. Sue has a special interest in games based concept training, which builds a strong relationship, through play and positive reinforcement training.  


Education & Certifications

Sue's education includes a Professional Dog Trainer Certification and Puppy Start Right Instructors Certification from the Karen Pryor Academy of Animal Training and Behavior. The Karen Pryor Academy is widely acknowledged as one of the most outstanding and rigorous training programs available to serious professional dog trainers. Founded by world-renowned trainer an author Karen Pryor, this intensive program sets its graduates apart in an industry without professional standards. 

Sue is also a Certified Pro Dog Trainer, through Absolute Dogs based in the UK. Absolute Dogs is lead by Tom Mitchell, a trainer, author, veterinarian and behaviorist, and Lauren Langman is a world-renowned dog trainer and world-class agility handler. Sue is currently completing the Dog Trainer Professional Certification through the Karen Pryor Academy of Animal Training and Behavior.  

Sue has knowledge and skills to help you meet your training goals through games based concept training.  Concept training is based on the premise that every dog has their own personality made up of strengths and weaknesses, that personality is fluid, and it can be molded and developed overtime. Sue can help you influence, modify, shape and develop your dog's personality to adapt to different situations. Every lesson uses play to create a positive interaction with your dog, thus paying massively and continuously into creating a positive relationship.


Sue is also a Certified Pro Dog Trainer Geek, this means she has knowledge of the brain science behind real life struggles like resource guarding, chase, reactivity, and separation anxiety behaviors, to name a few.

Sue has also completed training on Tellington TTouch for Dogs. Tellington TTouch is an integrated approach that helps reduce stress and build confidence through bodywork, groundwork and functional exercises. 

Sue is owned by Hart, a 3 year old Shepherd Mix. 

If you’re looking for a positive, game-based approach to training, get in touch with Sue!

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